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The Digital Lifting Bundle is the future of finger strength training! Choose from 3 outstanding training tools – each designed to maximise your training gains – and combine with a Tindeq Progressor 200 and Lifting Pin to measure and track your performance.

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Whether it’s your fingers, pinch, wrists, or forearms you’re looking to target, there’s a Digital Lifting Bundle for you!

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The Lattice Lifting Pin

The Lattice Lifting Pin is the perfect companion to our Quad Block or any other grip strength "lifting" device and also replaces that annoying sling + weights set up many of us have used in the past!

The product has been designed for climbers, by Lattice and features a climbing carabiner-friendly mounting hole. Usefully, it also sports a Lattice branded cork base for protecting your floors and dampening noise for those late-night lifting sessions.

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Tindeq Progressor 200

The Tindeq Progressor 200 Rechargeable is a lightweight and portable digital dynamometer – a small device that measures force production. It is a fantastic tool for digitising, tracking, and measuring your finger strength training. Connect the Tindeq Progressor to your smartphone via Bluetooth to measure rate of force development and peak force production.

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Quad Block

The Quad Block is the latest in grip strength training, a portable pinch block for training and warming-up, designed for use at the gym or at home. It features 5 grip positions that have been designed and developed with industry leading coaches, physiotherapists, grip strength athletes, & sports scientists.

Heavy Roller

The Heavy Roller is a wrist training device that uses an offset loading mechanism. To maintain your grip during a lift you must squeeze the device and flex or extend the wrist against the direction of spin. The high torque generated at relatively low loads targets either your wrist extensor or flexor muscles to improve grip strength without loading the shoulders. An ideal training tool for climbers looking to maximise their grip strength gains.

MXEdge Lift

Introducing the MXEdge Lift – Lattice Training’s BRAND-NEW lifting block, featuring our most ergonomic edge, designed to maximise your finger strength training.

A lifting edge is quickly becoming the essential training tool in every climbers’ pack. Whether you’re warming up at the crag, or training finger strength at the gym, a lifting edge (a.k.a. lifting block, portable hangboard, no hang device, block pull) is an increasingly popular alternative to traditional hangboarding.

PULL HARDER ON OUR ONE-OF-A-KIND EDGE: We’ve spent hundreds of hours researching ergonomics, usability and peak force production to develop a unique edge geometry that is not only comfier, but lets you pull harder!

7 DIFFERENT GRIPS: the MXEdge Lift includes 3 edges, 3 pinches AND a cheeky mono so that – no matter the climb – the MXEdge can be specific to your training.

SIZE DOES MATTER: The MXEdge Lift comes in 2 SIZES, small and large! Choose a board that matches your ability, preferences, goals, and – most importantly – hand size!

Want to buy both sizes? Get 15% off with the MXEdge Lift Duo.

MXLARGE | edge: MX22, MX16, MX12 | pinch: 100mm, 57mm, 16mm | mono: 28mm

MXSMALL | edge: MX18, MX14, MX8 | pinch: 100mm, 57mm, 16mm | mono: 25mm

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Weight 2.6 kg
Dimensions 400 × 280 × 180 cm

The Lattice Lifting Pin


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Quad Block

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Heavy Roller

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MXEdge Lift


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