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Climbing flexibility is a key factor in athlete performance on resin and on rock, check out our blog if you’re not convinced! We’ve seen first hand that task based stretching is often more effective at increasing climbing flexibility. That’s why we’ve developed the Flex Mat: a one of a kind cork yoga mat specifically designed for climbers to assess your flexibility, target your training, and track your mobility.

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We’ve taken the same methodology as our proven hangboarding protocols and applied it to flexibility training. Measure periodically session to session to break plateaus and take control of your progress.

The Flex Mat’s unique measurement system features:

  • Two angle finders conveniently located for wall exercises, complete with alignment markers for repeatability. Great for pancake stretches.
  • Two sets of linear scales: from end to end, and centre out for easy counting. Perfect for horse squats and side splits.
  • Increased length over standard yoga mats. We’ve found standard mats don’t cover the distance required for front and side splits so we’ve designed the Flex Mat to support you even at full stretch. Product Dimensions: 210x63x0.4cm
  • Pair with our Flex Block for even more climbing stretches and measurements. Check out our bundle for the best discount.

Made from organic materials and laser engraved, our cork yoga mats are more eco-friendly than other plastic based products. The soft cork top is kind to your skin while the thick natural rubber base supports you in all stretches. Combined they make a durable, anti-tear cork yoga mat with natural antimicrobial and antifungal properties that remains grippy even after a sweaty session.

Test your flexibility and compare your results with our dataset! Find out how you stack up against the community and identify areas of potential improvement. Just go to MyFlex for instructions and enter your scores.

Flex Mat — Warnings

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 210 × 63 × 0.4 cm

4 reviews for Flex Mat

  1. Laura

    This mat is absolutely amazing quality and I know will last me a lifetime. Having the ability to measure progress has been so helpful and helps to motivate and keep me on track. I know the gains that consistency will bring so this progress tracking has been really important to keep the flexibility training going. Thanks Lattice!

  2. Aaron

    Good quality but for my choice or has not enough GRIP.

    • Harley Widdowson – Lattice Training (verified owner)

      Hey Aaron,
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the Flex Mat. We’re glad to hear you’re pleased with the quality!
      Regarding the grip, we understand that preferences can vary. Our choice of cork material was based on extensive research and feedback from our coaches. Cork provides a unique balance – it allows for smooth transitions into deeper stretches, yet offers sufficient grip under light pressure to maintain positions. This feature was designed to cater to a range of flexibility exercises, offering versatility and ease of use.

  3. Julie Bentley

    I’ve purchased some items from Lattice before so I had a high expectation. The flex mat is much better made than I thought it would be and feels like it is one of those things that is going to last for years not months. I love the cork finish and measurements and how they go with the online assessment. It’s easy to use and I’ll be buying again. Thanks.

  4. Snorre Sulheim

    How many cm is one flex unit? is the units inches

    • Harley Widdowson – Lattice Training (verified owner)

      Hey Snorre,

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a review of our Flex Mat. We greatly appreciate your feedback and understand your concern regarding the use of our unique ‘flex unit’ measurement system.

      To clarify, one flex unit on our mat is equivalent to 5 cm or approximately 2 inches. We understand that introducing a new measure might seem unconventional. However, this decision was made with our users’ ease in mind. In our testing, we found that using larger, consistent units (5 cm/2 in) significantly simplified the process of self-assessing flexibility. This is particularly crucial for our MyFlex feature, designed to provide accurate feedback without the need for assistance.

      We chose this measurement to strike a balance between the metric and imperial systems, making it accessible to a wide range of users and reducing potential errors in self-assessment. Our goal was to enhance every training session’s efficiency, enabling users to fully utilize the mat’s features independently.

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