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Stretching for climbing can improve performance on resin and rock, check out our blog if you’re not convinced! We’ve found task based stretching often increases the effectiveness of climbing stretches. That’s why we’ve created the Flex Block: a one of a kind cork yoga block specifically designed for climbers to assess your flexibility, target your training, and track your mobility.

Blocks sold separately.

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We’ve taken the same methodology as our proven hangboarding protocols and applied it to flexibility training. Measure periodically session to session to break plateaus and take control of your progress.

The Flex Block’s unique measurement system utilises two linear scales in perpendicular directions for versatility when stretching. Use in conjunction with the Flex Mat for even more climbing stretches and measurements. Check out our bundle for the best discount.

Of course our Flex Blocks can also be used for all the things a traditional yoga block can be used for: lifting, grounding and balancing. These help to extend reach, reduce or increase intensity, and build confidence in new climbing stretches.

Made from organic materials, our blocks are more  eco-friendly than other plastic based products. The soft cork is kind to your skin whilst maintaining grip even under sweaty palms.  You’ll find our block stays firm even after heavy use, providing a stable base that will support you in all climbing stretches. Rounded edges allow you to comfortably rest your full weight on the cork yoga block, safe in the knowledge your stretching equipment will last a lifetime due to cork’s natural antimicrobial and antifungal properties.

Test your flexibility and compare your results with our dataset! Find out how you stack up against the community and identify areas of potential improvement. Just go to MyFlex for instructions and enter your scores.

Blocks sold separately.

Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 23 × 15 × 8 cm


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