Cork Master Bundle


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Looking to improve your flexibility for climbing? We’ve combined all our stretching and flexibility equipment into one awesome bundle!

What’s included?

The Cork Master Bundle includes everything you need for flexibility training and measurable flexibility testing.

Plus, you can complete our FREE flexibility assessment with these products to find out how your flexibility compares to 1000s of other climbers.

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Flex Mat

Climbing flexibility is a key factor in athlete performance on resin and on rock, check out our blog if you're not convinced! We’ve seen first hand that task based stretching is often more effective at increasing climbing flexibility. That’s why we’ve developed the Flex Mat: a one of a kind cork yoga mat specifically designed for climbers to assess your flexibility, target your training, and track your mobility.

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Flex Block × 2

Stretching for climbing can improve performance on resin and rock, check out our blog if you’re not convinced! We’ve found task based stretching often increases the effectiveness of climbing stretches. That’s why we’ve created the Flex Block: a one of a kind cork yoga block specifically designed for climbers to assess your flexibility, target your training, and track your mobility.

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Peanut Roller

Relieve tight and tired muscles with the cork Peanut Roller, our favourite for eco-friendly self-massage. The peanut massager’s ergonomic design ensures a stable and firm base, effective for rolling over muscles in the back, shoulders, legs, and forearms aiding recovery and reducing muscle soreness.

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Why train flexibility for climbing?

Rock climbing is unique in many ways. No two climbs are the same and every individual will interpret and move differently on just one climb, or even a single movement. In this way, climbing offers endless movement opportunities and it only makes sense to assume some of these will require a great deal of flexibility.

If you often find yourself struggling to keep your hips to the wall, reach your foot up to high steps or place heel hooks, then flexibility may be something important for you to train!

How do the products work together?

Our cork yoga mat, block and peanut roller are all amazing products, but they work even better together!

Whilst the Flex Mat is a great tool for training by itself, the Flex Blocks add assistance to your training in many ways. They can assist you in your stretch: raising your glutes for an easier pancake, or lifting your foot for a deeper lunge. You can use them to measure your stretch by pushing them along the mat, so you don’t need to try and measure your flexibility mid-stretch, or ask a friend to help. Plus, they can also be used by themselves to measure stretches like a forward fold. (Both the Flex Mat and Flex Blocks are needed for our FREE flexibility assessment too!) And then, after a heavy session of strength work and flexibility training, reach for the peanut roller to work out the knots in those muscles. Roll it up your forearm to help with pump, your shoulder after a board session, or glutes after pulling hard on a heel hook.


Made from organic materials, our cork stretching equipment is more eco-friendly than similar plastic-based equipment. On the Flex Mat, the soft cork is kind to your skin and the thick natural rubber base of supports you in all stretches. This makes for a durable, anti-tear cork yoga mat with natural antimicrobial and antifungal properties that remains grippy even after a sweaty session.

in a bundle because while they’re both great products, they’re even better together. Push the block along the mat to easily mark how far you’ve stretched without having to strain your neck to see. Use the block as a consistent way to modify stretches to make them easier or harder. If the stretching hasn’t eased your muscle soreness, roll it out with our peanut.

FREE Flexibility Assessment

Do you want to find out how your flexibility compares to other climbers’? Our free My Flex assessment will tell you just that. After working with 1000s of athletes, we have the biggest database of climber metrics in the world! Discover if flexibility is your strength or weakness with the My Flex assessment and the Cork Master Bundle which in includes everything you need to complete the assessment.

Read more about flexibility on our blog.

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Peanut Roller

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