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The Lattice Triple Rung’s 20mm edge is the industry benchmark edge for assessing whether you’re strong or weak for your climbing grade. To find out, complete a 2 Arm Finger Strength Test (weights required) on our 20mm edge, then input your results into our free My Fingers assessment. You’ll then receive an accurate performance-profile backed up by data from testing thousands of climbers – detailing how your finger strength compares to your bouldering and sport climbing grades.

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In addition to performance-profiling, we designed the Lattice Triple Rung to allow you to focus on effective training, with a 45mm flat edge for warming up, a 10mm edge for specific small-edge sessions, and our benchmark 20mm edge for finger strength testing and training. In comparison to our Testing and Training Rung, the Triple Rung’s longer width is more comfortable to use if you have broad shoulders, or if you like/want to use a wider grip for training. 

An A3 poster is included with your Triple Rung that includes four training sessions and details on how to test. This looks great mounted on your wall next to your hangboard. For ideas on how to train, check out our YouTube channel.


  • Objectively measure and track your finger strength over a season using our benchmark 20mm edge and the free My Fingers assessment (weights required)
  • Beefed-up version of our Lattice Testing and Training Rung
  • Small 10mm edge gets you strong on crimps the way only a small edge can
  • Large 45mm edge for warming up, pull-ups, front levers, etc.
  • 7cm wider than our standard rung, allowing you to train with a wide grip
  • Wooden hangboards are much less abrasive than plastic or resin – your skin will never be the factor that holds you back
  • Handmade in the UK from high-quality wood

How do I mount my Triple Rung on the wall?

Screws are not included.

You will need 6 x 4mm wood screws. Check out our Installation Guide for further guidance.

Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 55 × 13 × 5 cm

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8 reviews for Triple Rung

  1. Jörg (verified owner)

    nice wood, well crafted; good to have the standard 20mm edge at home for training and testing; the 20mm edge is one of the hardest / demanding in the market, but very skin friendly; I do not need three or two (one) finger pockets to train two or three finger hangs, really important is (for me) to vary the width of my grip positions; for easier / rehab use the upper edge (45mm) is very usable: not a jug and also well rounded

  2. Aidan Gonzalez

    Beautiful board, great utility. I enjoy the feel of the 20mm on the bottom as compared to some other popular boards on the market. Do keep in mind the screws are not included!

  3. Toby Foord-Kelcey

    Bought this to replace an older two rung board from Lattice. The wood used in the newer board seems very different to the old one and definitely a downgrade: softer and lower friction, which as someone with dry skin, that dry fires easily, I find frustrating. Regret the purchase.

    • Leo

      Hi Toby, Thank you for your review. I can confirm that the new Triple Rung is from the same Tulip Wood supplier as our Original Rung. There can be slight differences between the grains from one fingerboard to another due to it being a natural resource. Tulip wood has fairly consistent texture and works well for this application as far as wood grains go. We understand the variation to be negligible between the Rungs we sell.

      Another consideration with comparing new rungs to old is how they age, older rungs benefit from absorbing moisture from your skin and chalk packing in the wood which can increase it’s friction, among other factors.

  4. Mikko

    Great training tool and wide enough even for wider shoulders. Legendary Lattice 20mm edge is the perfect tool for all types of fingerboard training and 10mm is a good addition if you want to try your finger strength with a smaller edge every now and then. 45mm edge may be too hard for the beginners, but otherwise may be the best fingerboard so far.

    Cool simplified design which makes it a stylish decoration for you home. 🙂

  5. Seth macdonald

    Great edge for training on. 10mm is a great addition too and makes this super versatile. Can use for pull ups on the big edge, 2 arm, 1 arm and micro work. Unless you’re trying to train slopers it’s the best fingerboard around. I’ve tried load sof fingerboards and this is the only one you’d need. Love mine and it’d be the only fingerboard id re-buy!

  6. Iggi

    I’m definitely up for giving this a super positive review. I’ve used tons of boards over the years and the triple is my go to board. I do everything on it. It’s simple but has all you need. A big edge to warm up on, and do those shrugs et cetera on; the absolutely fantastic 20mm edge for all your max hangs, 1 arm and 2, and your repeaters, varied hangs and more; and then the 10mm for the small edge programs. Buy this board, open your Crimpd App and get very strong fingers 😉 I use mine almost every day. 😊👍🏼💪🏼

  7. James Dickinson

    Brilliant fingerboard for being all the edge sizes I ever need for training and comfortable wood grain. Not too rough, not too compact or glassy like some of the hardwoods and all with a really nice finish. The wider size is really nice for the shoulders as well for either hangs and the wide grip pull ups.

  8. Jan

    I used Tension Grindstone Pro for all my hangboard workouts in previous seasons. It is a fine board but I missed a solid rounded edge (not just 1 or 2FP’s) after some time. I have to say that your 20mm edge is a gift to the climbing-training world. It is really comfortable (no splits or abrased skin) yet challenging while hanging – I found it harded while half-crimping compared to other 20’s – logical because of the rounding and interestingly easier with open grips – bigger radius alows better friction I guess.
    10mm edge is a great addition to HC and FC training for vertical techy goal routes (plenty of them here in Czechia).
    As a climber with broader shoulders I also appreciate wider grip option which actually feels natural/neutral for me.
    To sum things up – thanks for a fantastic product. I am looking forward to next sessions already!

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