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Ollie Torr

Founder & Coach

Ollie is one of the founders of Lattice Training, and also works as a coach within the company. With an extensive list of qualifications and experience to his name, Ollie’s knowledge within the field of coaching, training and sports science is extensive. He has an undergrad degree in Sports Science (First Class Honours), a Masters degree in Strength and Conditioning (Distinction), holds a Personal Training Level 3 qualification and is a Mountain Training Development coach. Alongside that, he has worked as a Personal Trainer for a variety of athletes over many years, deciding to specialise as a climbing coach in 2012. Ollie has coached numerous junior and senior athletes, including the GB National Climbing Team and athletes projecting grades up to 9b, 9A and E11.

Ollie’s own climbing repertoire is varied and impressive. With 16 years of climbing under his belt, Ollie has sent climbs up to V13, 8c, E8 as well as having many other adventures on bigger climbs. One of his major goals is to increase his route climbing grade in order to take it to harder multi-pitch climbs. He is also looking to spend more in the next few years going on more adventures on bigger walls around the world.

Within the company, Ollie is passionate about taking concepts from sport science, behavioural sciences and performance psychology into the real sporting world. “It’s such a pleasure to address every climber and their goals as an individual, and know that every project cannot be fitted into a simple cause and effect box.” he says. “Getting to approach such challenges with climbers that are truly psyched to get better is constantly motivating and enjoyable.”

Ollie’s progression as a coach has been a fast one; he now compares that to managing a business and considers it a ‘pretty relaxed process!’. “Everyday we make big decisions, develop new ideas and work out how to best support the climbing community. It’s busy, stressful and I love it.”