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Rafael Ford Gonzalez

Head Coach

Raf has always had a deep passion for climbing—a sport that’s as addictive as it is beautiful. It’s the perfect way to explore stunning landscapes while engaging with them in a profound and exhilarating manner. He discovered that his true calling was coaching, as it allows him to make a significant impact on people’s climbing journeys, helping them improve at an accelerated rate by identifying their ‘lowest hanging fruit’.

With over a decade of climbing experience encompassing various styles, Raf has explored the diverse facets of this captivating sport.

Raf’s journey as a climbing coach began as an instructor with formal training, earning qualifications from the BMC, including Foundation Coach, CWA, CWLA, and FUNdamentals. He didn’t stop at the basics, though. He continuously self-educates in sport science and physiology to deepen his understanding and knowledge base.

Raf has had the privilege of coaching climbers at every skill level. From absolute beginners taking their first steps on the wall to elite climbers pushing their limits on 9a routes, he has learned valuable lessons from each student. He takes immense pride in helping every climber reach their goals.

Raf plays a pivotal role in shaping the knowledge of the coaches here at Lattice. In his capacity, he is responsible for ongoing education within Lattice, ensuring that coaches stay at the forefront of climbing knowledge. He also spearheads the onboarding education for new coaches and provides ongoing support to coaches within the Lattice team in his role as Head Coach.