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The Evolution of Training in Climbing – 10 Years of Lattice

In today’s Lattice Podcast, host Tom Randall sits down with coach Maddy Cope to delve into the evolution of education and training in the climbing world. They discuss significant changes in three key areas: energy systems, female athletes, and strength and conditioning. Tom and Maddie share insights on how understanding and approaches have transformed over the years, leading to positive outcomes in climbing performance and training effectiveness.

Main topics include:

➡️ Energy Systems: Improved categorisation and understanding of energy systems have enhanced training effectiveness and load management.

➡️ Female Athletes: Education on the menstrual cycle and female physiology has empowered female climbers, improving training structure and performance.

➡️ Strength and Conditioning: Shifts in attitudes towards strength and conditioning now emphasise specificity, progressive overload, and injury prevention, with a focus on core and upper body strength.

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