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How to get finger strength like Aidan Roberts? The Vacuum Style!

Do you want strong fingers like Aidan Roberts? Then you might want to learn his ‘Vacuum Style’ of climbing! Aidan Roberts is known as one…

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Finger Strength | Training Tips

How to Break A Finger Strength Plateau

Hit a finger strength plateau? This is the post for you… Have you hit a wall with hangboarding? Where you can’t seem to progress despite…

By Jon Procter

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Finger Strength | Training Tips

Do I Need to Climb on a Training Board?

Why do people climb on training boards? How does it help us develop as climbers? 1. Finger Strength Board climbing is, hands down, one of…

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Finger Strength | Products

Why is the Lattice Triple Rung the best hangboard?

The Lattice Triple Rung isn’t like other hangboards: its comfort is unparalleled. But more importantly, it is the best hangboard on the market for accurate…

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Finger Strength | Lattice Plans | Research & Data

Lattice Free Assessments

Over the years we have become known as the data geeks of the climbing world, boasting the world’s largest data set on climbers from across…

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Education | Finger Strength

Finger Strength Training for Climbers

There is a lot of information out there about managing finger strength gains, the best methods, the best practices and what not to do! Which…

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Finger Strength | Products | Research & Data | Strength & Power

The Quad Block – Revolutionise Your Grip Strength Training

The Quad Block is Lattice Training’s latest grip strength training tool. We’ve taken our best selling original Crimp and Pinch Block and made it better!…

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Finger Strength | Strength & Power | Training Tips

5 Biggest Training Mistakes Climbers Make

1 – First up – Training fingerboard or campus at the END of the session. This is possibly the number one mistake that we see…

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Endurance | Finger Strength | Strength & Power | Training Tips

How to Write a Climbing Training Program in 3 Steps

Not all climbers are able to have a training plan written for them by a coach – whether it’s for budget reasons or because they…

By Tom

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The Lattice Mini-Bar and Its developer.

Today we are interviewing the brains behind all of Lattices latest new product releases.. meet Harley Widdowson – a total gear enthusiast, innovator and our…

By Harley Widdowson

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