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How to Train Pick-Ups with a Portable Hangboard: Finger Strength for Climbing

Over the past 2 years, the Lattice coaches have replaced fingerboard workouts with lifting edge workouts in over 30% of training plans. A lifting edge is quickly becoming the essential training tool in every climber’s pack. Whether you’re warming up at the crag, or training finger strength at the gym, a lifting edge (a.k.a. lifting block, portable hangboard, no hang device, block pull) is an increasingly popular alternative to traditional hangboarding.

In this video, we explore the benefits and considerations of using a lifting edge compared to a traditional hangboard for climbing training. We demonstrate proper lifting techniques, share effective home workouts tailored for finger strength development, and discuss specialized training routines used by professional climbers with the lifting edge. Join us to discover how this innovative tool can enhance your climbing performance and training regimen.

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