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How to get finger strength like Aidan Roberts? The Vacuum Style!

Do you want strong fingers like Aidan Roberts? Then you might want to learn his ‘Vacuum Style’ of climbing!

Aidan Roberts is known as one of the strongest boulderers in the world, now having his sights set on a potential new V17 in Switzerland – a.k.a., the Midnight Project.

But, Aidan is relatively unique in his love for small crimps and the style of climbing he uses to operate at the highest level on this terrain. This climbing method has been coined the ‘Vacuum Style’.

In this video, Aidan explains what the vacuum style is, how the mechanics work for crazy small crimps AND how to train for it!

Importantly, it is not just about finger strength and has a lot to do with hip mobility and shoulder strength. Aidan shows climbing specific exercises for each of the key factors that will help you take your crimping to the next level.

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