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Highlight: Overcoming Insecurity and Errors in Big Walling

In today’s Lattice Podcast Highlight, coach Maddy Cope is joined by coach Billy Ridal to discuss the challenges and insecurities faced while climbing a difficult pitch on a big wall. They delve into the physical and mental efforts required to overcome insecurities and stick with the climb.

Topics include:

  • Facing Climbing Challenges: The physical and mental efforts needed to tackle difficult pitches on big walls.
  • Recovering from Errors: The importance of making small errors and being able to recover from them.
  • Confidence & Climbing: How confidence levels can vary between climbers during challenging ascents.

This episode is just a highlight from a more in-depth conversation that explores additional insights on managing nerves, maintaining focus, and handling time constraints during multi-pitch climbs. For the full discussion, tune in to the complete episode available on all major podcast platforms.

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