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The Triple Twins provide you with one of the most flexible and versatile climbing fingerboard options on the market. It’s perfect for both training and benchmarking as it contains the all important warm up edge, Lattice benchmark 20mm edge and also a 10mm micro-edge for small edge training!
The great thing about the Triple Twins is that it can also be combined with our standard Lattice Rung or just used on it’s own. Whether you’re upgrading your current board by adding the Twin in, or using them singularly or in parallel, you’re always covered by what we consider the most important edge sizes of performance and training.

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The Lattice Triple Twins are a testing and training tool designed to both measure and improve your finger strength. The product features three ideal testing and training holds; 45mm large, 20mm “Lattice benchmark” edge and 10mm edge.

This rung includes the standard edge we use worldwide with our Lattice Assessments and is supported by the largest dataset in the climbing industry. Included with the rung are details of how to perform a finger strength self-assessment that allows you to measure your maximum force throughout a training season and see how you compare to all the other climbers we have tested. We will be able to identify if you are “strong” or “weak” for your climbing grade in both bouldering and route climbing disciplines and produce a mini report, customised to you, for free!

There are also 3 training sessions included with your fingerboard that you can use to help to train and improve those finger strength scores!

The top edge is 45mm, great for pull ups, beginner fingerboarders or warm-ups. The bottom edge is our benchmark 20mm (don’t forget our free testing tool that comes with this!) and is also so comfortable it’s ideal for open handed pocket training as well. Finally, the 10mm edge has a small enough front radius to provide friction, but not so much that you’ll cut your skin or suffer splits due to rough edges.

End caps are not available for this product.

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How do I mount my Triple Rung on the wall?

Screws are not included.

You will need 8 x 4mm wood screws. Check out our Installation Guide for further guidance.

Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 14 × 15 × 7 cm


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