About Us

      Lattice training is the world’s first systematic assessment and training tool for climbing.

  • Assess a climber’s strengths and weaknesses through data lead profiling tools.
  • Analyse training program efficacy in competition and outdoor climbers.
  • Control for the factors like technique, tactics or psychology in performance so that physical training can be focused on when necessary.


We offer a variety of data led assessments to fit your available time and facilities. Our assessments measure:

  • Finger strength 
  • Aerobic and anaerobic performance
  • General strength and conditioning in climbing specific muscle groups
  • Movement patterns, pacing and efficiency

Training Plans

Our training plans are fully customised and include ongoing support throughout the length of the plan.

  • Personalised to suit your lifestyle and schedule
  • Customised to work with the facilities you have to hand
  • Programmed around your own personal strengths, weaknesses and future goals.

Online Support

Every service we offer is fully supported by a team of staff who are available to guide you through your year’s progress and training.

  • Email and Skype support
  • 52 weeks a year
  • Expertise in strength and conditioning, data analysis, nutrition, rehab and flexibility. 

Who do we work with?

We pride ourselves on working with a very wide range of climbers, so whether you’re a weekend warrior aiming for your first 5.12, a dedicated boulderer going for V8 or even a sponsored hero (or heroine!) we’re here to help.

Who are we?

Tom Randall | Founder
Ollie Torr | Founder
Remus Knowles | Data Analyst
Dale Comley | Designer
Kim Randall | Finance
Oli Grounsell | Coach
Josh Hadley | Research Associate
Rachel Carr | Coach
Ella Russell | Coach