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How do I strengthen my wrists for climbing?

Do you hate slopers? Then you might have weak wrists! If you feel like you wrists are holding you back, here’s some exercises you can…

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Training Tips

How to Balance Training and Climbing | Outdoor Bouldering

Here in the UK, Autumn feels just around the corner. And with the cooler temperatures comes climbing season, especially bouldering. We’re psyched to get out…

By Billy Ridal

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Endurance | Strength & Power | Training Tips

Sport Climbing Season: Maintaining Strength + Power

How to maintain your strength and power over sport climbing season with Lattice Coach Josh Ibbertson. Photo credit: Marsha Balaeva For many people, summer means…

By Josh Ibbertson

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Strength & Power | Training Tips

Maintaining Strength & Power for Sport Climbing

For many people, the summer months mean it’s sport climbing season. However, over a long sport climbing season, it can be hard to maintain top-end…

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Older Climbers | Training Tips

Climbing Training for Older Climbers

As we age our bodies undergo certain physiological changes that can affect our climbing performance and training needs. From hormonal changes, to declining muscle mass and…

By Lattice Training

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Menstrual Cycle | Mindset & Mental Training | Women's Training Series

6 Tips for Climbing Your Best in the Late Luteal Phase

Advice from coaches Maddy and Ella, based on their experiences! What is the late luteal phase? The luteal phase is the portion of our cycle…

By Maddy Cope & Ella Russell

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Training Tips

Too busy to train? Find your minimum effective training dose!

Time is tight, but you’re eager to make progress. So how do we make training efficient and see results? We need to find our minimum…

By Henning Muller

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Menopause | Nutrition | Older Climbers | Training Tips

Hydration for Climbers: Don’t Get Dehydrated at the Crag!

Hydration is incredibly important for both performance and health. Summer is here! But, with the warm weather and long days comes a risk of dehydration!…

By Mina Leslie-Wujastyk

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Training Tips

Board Climbing for Training: How to Set Problems

Board climbing is a valuable training resource, but it can also be problematic if you lack confidence in setting your own boulders. Here are 4…

By Jemma Powell

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Training Tips

Rock Climbing Footwork: The Basics

When climbing, we generally have two points of contact with the wall: our feet and hands. We tend to put a lot of our efforts…

By Aiden Dunne

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