Flexibility Products Pre-Production Orders

Introducing the future of flexibility training

High steps, heel hooks, drop knees, palm press, mantles, we all attempt them, but how well do we pull them off? Having strength through range and being flexible as a climber is a key factor in athlete performance, whether it’s resin or rock. We’ve seen first-hand that task based stretching is often more effective at increasing climbing flexibility. That’s why we’ve developed the Flex Mat & Block: a one of a kind set of cork yoga mats and blocks specifically designed for climbers to assess and track your flexibility and really target your training.

Soft Natural Cork Top
End to End Linear Scale
Angle Finder x2
Alignment Marker x2
Naturally Sweatproof
4mm Thick Natural Rubber
Soft Natural Cork Top
Double Sided Anti-Slip
End to End Linear Scale
Antimicrobial & Anti Fungal
Angle Finder x2
Durable & Strong Construction
Alignment Marker x2
Two Axis Linear Scale

MyFlex: Flexibility Testing

Follow the assesment instructions at MyFlex (coming soon)

Use your flex mat to reliably measure your flex and enter your results

Let us analyse your results against our database of climbers

We'll send you a free report on your how your climbing flexibility compares

Pre-production order discounts available for a limited time!

If you’ve got this far, you’re probably as excited about our next product launch as we are! That’s why we’ve put together a special offer for you, our super supporters, who with every purchase help us push climbing & training to the next level. We’ve spent a long time designing and setting up our manufacturing process, now all that’s left to do is to order the materials and start production.

It’s our mission to provide our customers with premium quality training tools at the best price possible. By pre-ordering our products, you’re helping us accurately predict our production needs. This means less waste, fewer costs, and more savings for you. You’ll have to act fast though, as we all can’t wait to start training with these products, so there is only one week to get your orders in. Once the timer below hits zero, our factory will begin making flex mats as fast as they can. You’ll then receive your order before anyone else, in around October 2022* ready for a winter of training.

Time Left To Pre-Order

*delivery dates are estimates only and may be subject to change due to supply chain complexity. We will provide you with updates with respect to the delivery schedule. As a result, in the event that a delay arises and the estimated shipment is not met, Lattice is not responsible for any damages that may occur due to the delay, nor shall it be obligated, to provide any discounts, refunds or credits due to any such delays other than as set out in our Returns policy on our website in the normal way.