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Mary Eden


Mary Eden, you may know her as @tradprincess– has been training with Lattice coach Jen Wood for a couple of years now, and we have really enjoyed seeing how far structured training has brought her!!

Mary grew up in a small town in Kentucky, but the fun really started when she moved to Moab, Utah and started climbing. One day when out climbing with Tom Randall, the topic of training was initiated and a once sceptical Mary began her training journey with Lattice:

Initially I was doubtful about training, mostly because I felt that I wasn’t strong enough yet to train. I was super wrong! When I followed my first training plan I saw massive improvements in my climbing.

That year I climbed my first 5.13 on gear, my first v9, and my first sport 5.12. Those accomplishments were huge for me, I incorrectly believed for years that I’d never be able to climb even a 5.12 in my lifetime.

Training works. I know all my fellow crusty trad climbers hate to admit it… but it does.

Since then and another block of training Mary has continued to crush her goals and has flashed; Lucille 13a, Whipping Boy 11+, BG crack 5.11 (notorious sandbag), the Warden v8, Big Pink 5.11, Forever War 5.13 on my 2nd try, The Wing 5.12b/c, Monster’s Incorporated V9, 8 oz of freedom v9, Gabriel 5.13 in Zion… the list goes on!

Seriously nice work Mary!!