Lattice Training Partners

Lattice Training have partnered up with climbing walls and climbing coaches around the world to bring our in-depth climbing assessment expertise to a wall near you.

If you want to book a Lattice Board Assessment near you, you can either contact a partner wall directly or contact a coach who operates in your area. If you’ve got any questions you can always drop us an email, we’ll be able to work out what’s best for you.

In the unlucky event that there are no partner walls near you, why not have a look at our Remote Climbing Assessment? This assessment requires very minimal equipment and can be undertaken in your own time.

Which Lattice Board is best for me?

The Lattice Board can be mounted at a variety of angles to vary the difficulty of climbing around the board. Steeper angles are typically better for higher grade climbers, while shallower angles are more appropriate for lower grade climbers. Where possible, it’s worth using a Lattice Board at an angle that is appropriate for you. As a guide, we recommend the following grade ranges.

Board Angle

Sport Grade (french)

Sport Grade (YDS)

Bouldering Grade

10° 6a to 7b 10b to 11d V0 to V4
15° 6b to 8a+ 10d 13c V1 to V6
20° 6c to 8b 11b to 14c V3 to V8
27.5° 7b+ to 8c+ 12c to 14c V6 to V12
50° 8b upwards 13d upwards V10 upwards

List of Lattice Board Locations

Lattice Training Academic Partners

At Lattice Training, we’re passionate about climbing research through data collection and analysis we have carried out ourselves and through academic partnerships. We currently have links with the below institutions in the format of research collaborations, associate lectureships and laboratory based location of our Lattice Board.