Climbing Training Plans

Data Driven Performance




  • Identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Use data from your assessment
  • Compare to database of previous assessments


  • Every plan customised
  • Based on results of an assessment
  • Combine with goals and ambitions



Reap the rewards of your hard work!

Lite Plan

Premium Plan

Price *

£100/€130/$150 per 12 weeks

£50/€65/$80 per month

Based on full Assessment
Personalised Plan Written by Lattice
Crimpd App Sessions
Additional 100+ Sessions
Plan Edits and Alterations
Ongoing support from Lattice Team
Available for Under 18s
Options for injured climbers
* Please note that prices may vary between regions due to bank fees associated with transactions in non-GBP currencies and currency conversion fees.

Premium Training Plans

Coaching | Physio | Support

For climbers who want the full support of the Lattice Team during their training.

At Lattice our dream was to create a training and coaching support team that would deliver what “professional athletes” receive, but make it accessible to climbers all around the… see more

£50/€65/$80 per month (not including initial assessment)


  • Coaches with personal experience up to 8c+/14c, V13 and E9
  • Multiple Sports Science degrees and Masters
  • Always available for online support


  • In-house physio and sports massage therapist
  • Rehab and prehab sessions built in to plans
  • 1:1 consultations by appointment


  • Online support throughout your training
  • Athlete monitoring
  • Edits to your training plan in case of changing priorities or circumstances

Lite Training Plans

Mini-Assessment | Plan | Track

A shorter term plan, perfect for those who want training structure and customisation via an easy to use app.

Over the years of working with climbers from around the world we’ve become increasingly motivated to create a training plan that’s fast to deliver and … see more


  • Measure the essential aspects of your physical performance
  • Includes detailed instructions on testing and data entry
  • Alternatively, comprehensive assessments are available here


  • Customised, periodised training plan with weekly sessions
  •  Strength, power, power endurance and endurance all included
  •  Includes sessions for conditioning and mobility


  • Log your sessions using our Crimpd app 
  • Track your training using built in analytics
  • Track progress using built in self-assessment sessions