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The NEW Lattice Triple Rung is the latest fingerboard in a line of training products specifically designed for your progress in climbing strength and fitness.
The Triple Rung is a testing and training tool designed to both measure and improve your finger strength, and now features the popular 10mm small edge function. The top of the fingerboard is a large 45mm flat hold (perfect for warming up and pull ups), the middle features the most popular small edge size (10mm) and the bottom consists of our global benchmarking 20mm edge. On top of this, we have slightly widened the board to make it more user friendly for those with broader shoulders or wanting wider pull-up and dead-hang options.

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The Lattice Triple Rung is a testing and training tool designed to both measure and improve your finger strength. The rung features three ideal testing and training holds; 45mm large, 20mm “Lattice benchmark” edge and 10mm edge.

This rung includes the standard edge we use worldwide with our Lattice Assessments and is supported by the largest dataset in the climbing industry. Included with the rung are details of how to perform a finger strength self-assessment that allows you to measure your maximum force throughout a training season and see how you compare to all the other climbers we have tested. We will be able to identify if you are “strong” or “weak” for your climbing grade in both bouldering and route climbing disciplines and produce a mini report, customised to you, for free!

There are also 3 training sessions included with your fingerboard that you can use to help to train and improve those finger strength scores!

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  1. Jan

    I used Tension Grindstone Pro for all my hangboard workouts in previous seasons. It is a fine board but I missed a solid rounded edge (not just 1 or 2FP’s) after some time. I have to say that your 20mm edge is a gift to the climbing-training world. It is really comfortable (no splits or abrased skin) yet challenging while hanging – I found it harded while half-crimping compared to other 20’s – logical because of the rounding and interestingly easier with open grips – bigger radius alows better friction I guess.
    10mm edge is a great addition to HC and FC training for vertical techy goal routes (plenty of them here in Czechia).
    As a climber with broader shoulders I also appreciate wider grip option which actually feels natural/neutral for me.
    To sum things up – thanks for a fantastic product. I am looking forward to next sessions already!

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