Communication Policy

As a business we pride ourselves on a high standard of communication. However there are practical limits to the response times and volume of support we can offer. Below we’ve detailed what you can expect from us. In the unlikely event you don’t hear back from the team within the expected time please get in touch via our social media (either Facebook or Instagram) and/or follow up with another email.

Please note that the below are worst case response times. Typically we will respond within much shorter time scales.

ServiceResponse TimeScope
General EnquiriesUp to 6 working daysInitial contact, organising services etc.
AssessmentsUp to 10 working daysAssessment feedback, queries about performing assessments.
Premium PlansUp to 4 working daysQueries regarding any aspects of your premium training plan. Typically 2-4 email chains per month.
Lite PlansUp to 4 working daysMistakes in your Lite plan. Specific support is NOT provided with Lite plans e.g. how to complete a session, making changes to the plan.
FinanceUp to 6 working daysPayment for services, cancellation of services, change of circumstances etc.

Initial Contact

As a new client we will aim to respond to your enquiry within 6 working days. We aim to provide you with all the information you require to get started as well as answer any follow up questions you may have.

Coach Support

Once you have purchased a service from us we then aim to provide you with the all the support you need relative to that service. Please note that some services do not include coach support after the initial contact period.

Assessments – Once you have completed an assessment we then require up to 10 working days to analyse your data and write up your feedback report. Feedback will be sent via email.

Premium plans – this service includes support from a team of highly experienced coaches. You will have a primary coach who is chiefly responsible for your plan as well as one or more additional coaches who will assist the primary coach where necessary. Support is provided via email and includes training advice, plan changes and guidance on your climbing. In order for your coach to provide you with the premium plan we require your feedback, usually this is between one email/week and one email/month describing how you are finding your training.

Lite plans – On purchasing a Lattice Lite plan you will be asked to complete testing protocols and a pre-assessment questionnaire. Once this is complete the coaches will work as a team to create your plan and send it to you along with guidelines on how to follow the plan. Coach support via email is not included. The team will only respond to emails if there is an issue regarding dates or if there are faults with the plan itself e.g. missing information.


Payments for services are managed via our shop and in some cases via paypal or bank transfer. If there are any issues regarding payment for services we will be in contact via email. Similarly if you have any issues with payment for services you can contact us on coaching@latticetraining.com