Performance Analysis

What’s the limiting physical performance factor in your climbing? Is your forearm’s ability to use anaerobic energy stopping you from making it through the crux of your project? Are you struggling to recover on-route despite hanging onto a jug? Do you know exactly what’s needed from your body to climb that dream line?

The Lattice Performance Analysis package (LPA) is a robust and reliable method of testing key physical attributes required in climbing at higher levels. It is designed to be carried out anywhere in the world, in your own time and with no pressure. All you need is some of the most common items found in any indoor climbing gym.

The LPA uses clearly explained protocols to measure physical attributes specific to the demands of climbing. This includes testing the muscular strength and energy system conditioning of the forearm muscles. As climbers, we all know training the forearm muscles is essential for good performance, but do you know how or why? Results from this analysis will reveal how your forearms have developed, what they are best trained for and what adaptations are needed for your chosen goal. LPA also tests the strength and functional movement of other muscle groups to create a holistic performance profile report and training feedback.

Once completed, the data collected is given back to us for analysis, including cross referencing your results against all the other data points we have gathered over all the years of research, development and practical application.

Once we have analysed your data we send you a detailed feedback report including:

  • Evaluation of your current climbing goals, offering important feedback on the realism and time requirements of completion.
  • Detailed analysis of your forearm conditioning with explanations of your base aerobic capacity and anaerobic capacity.
  • Peak performance components such as aerobic power will be analyzed along with the maximal force capabilities of your grip strength.
  • An analysis of your upper and lower body mobility and muscular functionality will be given offering an insight into a potential risk of injury or why specific movements may be difficult.

You can view a sample report here or alternatively download a PDF version of the same report here.

The data and experience we have gathered over years of dedicated research and development means that we never use guess work or untested methods to support our training, which ultimately allows us to produce consistent results. Lattice Performance Analysis gives you this same privilege and a pathway to performing at a higher climbing standard.

Price: £105 / $160 / €150

Please request via our contact page or email us directly at

Required equipment for a remote assessment is as follows:

  • A pull up bar
  • Fingerboard with an 18mm or 20mm edge, preferably a Beastmaker 1000 where available
  • Counterweights and pulley setup
  • Some floor space

Lattice Board testing is only suitable for people whom are uninjured, in excellent physical health and have climbed 5.12/f7a or V5. Climbers under the age of 18 may complete this testing but must first gain written permission from a parent and with the knowledge of their professional coach (if they work with one).