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VIDEO | Ask Lattice Ep. 1: Recovery Methods, Dinosaurs and Peak Performance

We introduce you to a new weekly YouTube series in which we answer your questions about climbing training. In this episode, we received six insightful questions covering the following topics:

  • Finger strength and grip types – how to address finger strength against different holds, and the correlation to different types of grips.
  • Base training vs. peak training – the importance of building a base level of training in order to maximise those peak weeks.
  • Dinosaurs! – ok, this might not be about training, but it was just a bit of fun.
  • Muscle groups – strength ratios between agonist and antagonist muscles.
  • Recovery – important methods of recovery such as consistent sleeping and eating well for those marginal gains.
  • Deloading – how often we should have a deload week in periods of base training and peak training.

Watch the video here!

If you have any questions for our next episode, send us a DM via Instagram or message us via our Facebook community page.

Look out for Episode 2 coming soon!

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