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VIDEO | Training Talk with Magnus Midtbø

In our latest YouTube video, Tom chats to Magnus Midtbø about training for climbing, focusing on the following topics:

  • His competition days – training with some of the best climbers in Innsbruck, including his friend, David Lama, who passed away after this video was filmed. Magnus talks about the sense of community he had there, and how much he owes to that community for improving his climbing.
  • The balance between graft and talent – the talent of David Lama and his exceptional mental and physical capabilities.
  • How hard Magnus actually works – balancing a full-time job and climbing; fitting in editing for YouTube and climbing training into his day. The shift in focus from only thinking about climbing to taking in other considerations.
  • Magnus’ training and travelling hacks – the importance of getting in at least half an hour of quality training every day to maintain your fitness. Taking a portable hangboard when travelling. Staying motivated and focused.
  • How Magnus manages projects – by trying over and over again, Magnus has never trained indoor for a project outside!
  • Injuries! – how Magnus has managed to NEVER get a climbing injury.

Follow our YouTube channel here, or Magnus’ channel here.

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