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VIDEO | Ask Lattice Ep. 6: Do Holidays Make You Weak & Top Tips for Slab Climbers

In this episode of Ask Lattice, Tom and Ollie answer a series of questions asked in the Lattice Community Facebook Group. Here’s what you need to know…

  • Is it a big problem if you didn’t climb as a child? Tom and Ollie argue that you can keep improving into your 50s!
  • How much does going away for a long time decrease your fitness? While for Tom, 2 weeks is all he needs to get back up to almost peak performance, Ollie takes much longer to regain fitness. Saying that, Ollie argues you shouldn’t be afraid to take long periods of rest after a big project or trip! This can be really invaluable for your performance long-term.
  • How much do you need to maintain strength if you’re a boulderer and route-climber in sport season? This one depends on the type and style of sport climbing. In the Peak, you have much more boulder-style routes, while climbing somewhere like Oliana with 50m endurance routes would see a big drop in strength.
  • Top tips for slab climbing! The importance of leg strength and flexibility for high steps, as well as having a soft shoe and enough confidence to climb above your bolt or gear.

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