In this episode of Ask Lattice, Tom and Ollie answer more of your questions. Watch the video to learn about:

  • Famous climbers -who is the most famous climber Tom and Ollie have trained.
  • Cardio – can you run or ride lots of miles whilst also training? The pair agree that compromise is important; think about your motivations, and be prepared for diminishing returns in your climbing as a result. Saying that, running and cycling are great methods of weight management; especially if completing them at a low intensity and first thing in the morning in a fasted state.
  • How to train for specific moves – think about what muscles, movement and forces are being used; video yourself climbing; create replicas; work out what your limiting factor is.
  • Best designs for a home wall – think about your specific goals, but also what you need to work on. More practical element to consider are accessibility of the training area/equipment, ventilation, fans, and the type of holds that will make you want to train.

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