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Short Climbing Projects: Tactics For Trips & Quick Sends

If you enjoyed “part 1” of our projecting discussion, you’re in for a treat. This one is more focused on short redpointing strategies that you’d use on short climbing trips or for quick local hits that don’t take months to get done. If you haven’t spotted the previous episode tackling long term projects though, make sure you check it out!  

Short term projects are relevant to most of us who either like trying things in local areas that are going to take just a few sessions or for anyone who’s planning a 1-2 week trip to an area where they want maximum chance of success in quite a short period. Basically the pressure is on! Tom and Ella share their own experiences, how they help their own clients and also some of the psychology around goals and projecting.  

Key topics covered are:

Short-term Red-pointing: (1:23)
Approaching short-term red-points: (6:44)
Quick fire questions: (18:19)
Outro: (19:55)

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