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Uncommon Climbing Injuries: Physio James Walker

In our latest episode of ‘Ask Lattice,’ we are joined by physiotherapist James Walker from the ‘Sheffield Climbing Clinic’.

In Part 2 (part 1 linked below), James and Tom tackle some of the more unusual injuries that aren’t quite as common, but as experts, we’ve seen them in our climbers quite a lot over the years. Topics covered include collateral injuries, tenosynovitis, flexor tendon strains and lumbrical strains.  

Part 1 – Common Finger Injuries in Climbers –

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ALSO – if you’re interested in working with James or anyone from the Sheffield Climbing Clinic those details are also below! Neither James nor the clinic pays us to say this… we just genuinely think they’re great! James is a physiotherapist and has been for the last 11 years. He is a keen climber and has a specialist interest in climbing injuries as well as diagnostic ultrasound scanning. He is based in Sheffield and is part of Sheffield Climbing Clinic. If you would like to book a remote video consultation or an in-person consultation at the clinic, then get in touch today by emailing; [email protected] Or visit their website at; https://www.sheffieldclimbingclinic.c…

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