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Pilates as part of Postpartum Recovery for Climbers | Ask Lattice

In this latest epsiode of Ask Lattice coach Maddy is joined on the sofa by Sam Webster, a Pilates teacher that specialises in pregnancy and post-natal pilates. They discuss the foundations of Pilates and how it can be used to reconnect to breathing and the core after having a baby.

Sam talks about the different elements of the core that contribute to movement and how important it is to get the whole core working together in the process of returning to climbing. She gives some simple exercises that can be incorporated from early on, that can often be overlooked when we are wanting to get back to our main passion. Having recently had her first child, she gives some insight into her personal journey and how she has managed time, expectations, and reconnecting with her body.

0:00 – Intro
0:41 – The core concepts in Pilates and how these relate to postpartum
3:26 – The core and good function
4:53 – Breath and it’s importance to recovery
9:10 – Timeline for Pilates Postpartum
12:30 – Small movements vs large movements
13:40 – Are there any “don’ts”?
17:29 – Goals and expectations

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