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Training Tips for Climbers: Improve Your Power

Generally when we think of powerful climbing we think about big dyno’s and parkour comp problems. But climbing powerfully can be useful for more than flying through the air!

Moving quickly between bad holds, climbing on steeper terrain, and sticking holds in a more comfortable body position can all be benefitted from climbing more powerfully. So what are some tips for improving your power?

1 – Practice climbing dynamically when warming up.

Doing individual moves quickly as part of your warm up can help you learn how to generate force on easier climbs and prime you for the rest of your session. It can often be useful to skip holds and focus on driving through the legs on easy to use footholds.

2- Pull fast!

If you’re used to completing pull-ups in a slow and controlled manner then mix it up with some that are quick and explosive and aiming to get your chest above the bar is a good target. If the intensity is too high for you to be able to move quickly then make it easier for yourself by either using resistance bands to aid the movement or start with your feet on the floor or a block and jump into the pull.

3 – It’s all about timing 

Coordinating the movements can often be just as useful as having big muscles when it comes to generating power. When driving through the legs, extending the hips, knees and ankles is key and exercises like deadlifts are great for training this (just like the pull ups this can be done at a reduced intensity with a focus on moving quickly).

4- Don’t over do it!

In order to feel powerful we have to be feeling feeling rested and able to give everything you’ve got. There’s no point in working on power when you’re not able to move at your fastest as your body won’t be adapting to moving at its fastest. As soon as you feel like you’re not able to generate at your fastest stop training power for that session, regardless of how many sets and reps you’ve completed.

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