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Perimenopause and Post Menopause | Q&A and Discussion

In this latest episode of Ask Lattice coach Ella is joined by Dr Nicky Keay, a medical doctor specialising in sports endocrinology, where they discuss the perimenopause.

They talk through when the peri-menopause might begin, key symptoms to look out for, how hormonal tests can help, and some tips and suggestions for symptom management. Having gone through the menopause, she also gives some insights into her personal journey and how she has managed symptoms, expectations, and her training. 

Please note that none of the content covered in this podcast is intended to provide specific medical, physical or mental health advice, and should not be relied upon as such. The views, information, or opinions expressed during the podcast are solely those of the individuals being interviewed and do not necessarily represent those of Lattice Training and its employees. We would strongly recommend that you seek advice from a medical professional if you have any questions or concerns arising from the issues or matters covered in this podcast.

Intro: (0.00) 
Defining perimenopause and menopause: (6.40) 
The influence of genetics: (9.08) 
Using hormonal tests to predict perimenopause?: (12.22) 
Symptoms of perimenopause: (19.35)
Cross over with symptoms of low energy availability: (22.08)
Personal symptoms and experience of perimenopause: (24.10)
Are PMS symptoms an indicator of severity of perimenopausal symptoms?: (32.48)
Hormone tests to diagnose perimenopause – Female Hormone Mapping with Forth With Life: (36.35)
Symptoms postmenopause?: (48.32)
Using HRT – risks & benefits: (49.30)
Non-hormonal alternatives: (56.45)
What about testosterone?: (1.01:35)
Vaginal estrogen & lubricants: (1.03:30)
Other self help remedies: (1.05:35)
Training & nutrition during perimenopause: (1.06:10)
Gut health & supplements: (1.09:10)
Personal approach to training during perimenopause (1.15:30)
Continuing with HRT postmenopause? (1.20)

Find out more about Dr Nicky Keay here:

Find out more about the Female Hormone Mapping from Forth With Life here:

Further reading and resources: 

British Menopause Society:

NICE menopause guidelines:

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