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Rhos & Tom – Beginner Vs Pro, Ask Lattice | Lattice Training

Does 10k Instagram followers make you pro climber?

Are the new generation of pro’s training differently?

Do you live the everyday life of a pro?

All these things are discussed by Tom and Rhos as they unpack their own habits and the habits they see in other professional climbers. This Ask Lattice follows a topic we have been discussing on our own Instagram and delves into the main differences between pros and beginners. This is not to say any habit is right or wrong and simply changing behaviours does equate to a performance short cut! However we do find these topic fascinating and full of lessons we can takeaway while thinking critically about our own training habits.

Intro: (0:45)

Pro climber vs pro punter: (1:45)

What do we see high end climbers do with finger strength and the fingerboard: (3:45)

Elite level system board vs entry level: (6:45)

Elite level endurance sessions vs entry level: (9:45)

Beginners flexibility vs pros: (13:30)

A beginners training structure vs a pros: (16:55)

Lifestyle of beginner vs pro: (22:55)

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