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2nd Ascent of Mutation – Interview with Will Bosi

The world’s first 9b? Maybe…. maybe not! Or is it just a really hard 9a+?! 

Will Bosi recently made the long-awaited 2nd ascent of Steve McClure’s “Mutation” at Raventor which was first put up in 1998 – yes that’s before Will was even born! On the back of an incredible run of form from Will – multiple 9a to 9b+ sport routes, and countless V12-V15 boulder sends this year, he’s been on the form of his life. Yet despite this, Mutation took some serious effort to complete and pushed Will to really get everything just right. 

Tom Randall sat down with Will to chat through the whole story behind his ascent of Mutation. When he first started trying it, what the process involved and what he really thought about the grade. They dive into the nuances of vertical-style limestone crimping, how some things are just “hard to do” and what lies ahead for Will’s next season. 

Don’t forget to check out Will’s YouTube channel ‘William Bosi‘ for some awesome send footage from his brilliant season so far and more….

Special thanks to Birds of Birds, Will Bosi, Adidas and Five Ten and photo credits to Band of Birds. 

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