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10 Things That Matter More Than You Think | Part 2

Part 2 of ’10 Things That Matter More Than You Think’

Climbing performance is fairly complex because there are so many moving parts to the equation and many of the skills take years, if not decades, to perfect. Fortunately, Tom Randall is on the podcast in this episode to give you another ‘solo’ session on what things really make a difference in climbing your best. 

In this second part, he dives into a variety of factors that probably don’t get enough discussion, but make a massive difference to your climbing. Get over half of these items ticked off and perfected, and you’ll probably see 1-2 grades of climbing improvement at your projecting level in a single season. 

  1. Hip position
  2. Ladders and dogging tactics
  3. One Last Go
  4. Power training
  5. Supportive partners
  • HIPS: How close, how far left or right and how much you throw them. Get strong in the entire ROM
  • TACTICS: Ladders, ab ropes and spotter shoulders for feeling holds, starting higher up, dogging with clip stick, clipping in tight, get a power pulls and many more…
  • ONE LAST GO: Sticking around, trying even when you’ve given up, learning your mind-body connection when you’re at your limit, trying to be the last person to have a go every session
  • POWER TRAINING: Execution of strength/force with speed, efficient movement that’s sport specific, power training in ‘peak’ cycles, trying projects that you can’t do statically
  • SUPPORTIVE PARTNERS: The ‘fun’ factor, verbal and video feedback, accountability, absorbing your partner’s practices. 

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