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Interview with Emil Abrahamsson, The Hangboarding Youtube Phenomenon!

You DM’d us, and we have answered, so today we have the guy who gained everyone’s attention in early 2021 with his infamous 30-day fingerboard routine. We cover a broad range of topics, which should answer all of the questions you sent to us via Instagram, and other social media!

Emil is an incredibly experienced climber, representing Sweden in competitions, climbing outdoors, and of course sharing his journey through his Youtube channel. Recording his training, and sharing his big goals of sending “The Big Island”, Emil really shows his versatility as a climber. So, don’t expect this interview to be all about fingerboarding!

Lastly, he has recently made the choice to move full time into a ‘van-life’ way of living, committing to full-time climbing and filmmaking. Other than his fingerboard experiment, we will also discuss how he balances indoors vs outdoor climbing and what he’s experienced during his transition to van living. 

  1. How Emil’s fingerboarding idea started
  2. Emil’s reaction to the feedback from the fingerboarding video
  3. Will he repeat or change the fingerboarding procedure from the initial video?
  4. How this fingerboarding procedure affected his strength
  5. How he balances indoors with outdoors
  6. How Emil’s height or weight affects this performance
  7. Where the focus for “The Big Island” came from
  8. Footwork
  9. Van life
  10. Internal and external expectations with YouTube
  11. So far what have been the pros and cons of this change
  12. Where Emil sees himself in the near future

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