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Pelvic Health: Pregnancy & Postpartum with Emily Elgar

In this podcast, Maddy talked to Emily Elgar, who is a pelvic health physiotherapist based at Katie Bell Physio in Sheffield. They talk about topics relating to pregnancy and postpartum, such as pelvic health, delivery and recovery, and pelvic organ prolapse. Emily talks about her approach to pelvic health during pregnancy and postpartum, from her perspective as a life coach as well as for exercise. Emily also shared a number of great resources that support this conversation that can be found in the show notes. 

Some of the topics covered are;

  • The changing landscape of pelvic physio in relation to pregnancy and postpartum
  • Back and pelvic girdle pain and how we can manage it
  • The pelvic floor; finding it, training it and timeframes
  • Delivery and initial recovery postpartum
  • C-section recovery
  • Pelvic organ prolapse. 

This is a massive area, with so much to delve into. If you are interested in strength training then check out our podcast with Joy Black, or our podcast with UMI-Health about the pelvic floor.

Resources from Emily:

Reframing return-to-sport postpartum: the 6 Rs framework

Home Page – Burrell Education

Home Page – Squeezy (  (c-section) 

Its You Babe V2 Supporter | StressNoMore   (Prolapse support)

Kegel Exerciser with App | Perifit – Perifit (United Kingdom) 

Elvie Trainer | Smart Pelvic Floor Exerciser and App | Elvie | Elvie

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