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Dominic Rowe’s V11 in less than 2 years

Have you ever wondered about extreme margins of performance, well today’s podcast is the right one for you! Dominic Rowe, a client of Lattice, just got his first 8a / V11 under  2 years, and we couldn’t be prouder. His amazing progress in an insanely small amount of time just blows our minds, so we had to have him come in and talk bout it all.

Training and hard work are all part of the equation, but what really gets climbers to accomplish such hard grades so early on? Well, Tom Randall sits down with Dominic to talk about tactics, hard work, and the passion behind his journey. So grab yourself a pair of headphones and get training with the motivational story behind this speedy progression!

Main episode topics:

  • Dom’s Boxing and athletic background
  • Transferable skills
  • What he learnt from his professional elite climber friends
  • How he projects like a professional climber
  • His view on mindset and performance for growth and progress
  • Why climbing makes him so happy

The Lattice jingle is brought to you by Devin Dabney, music producer of the outdoor industry who also hosts the American Climbing Project.

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