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Bouldering: Top 10 Projecting Strategies for beginners and intermediate climbers

If you’re new to boulder projecting or even reasonably experienced, then this episode is for you! In today’s recording, we have Tom Randall giving his experience and advice on how to increase the chances of a successful tick this season, via his ‘Top 10’ strategies. 

Each of these approaches can be used in almost any situation and when you find ways to combine many of them on the same day, then you’re really winning! Projecting is about bringing all of your hard-won training improvements to the table and utilising them via the right strategies and tactics to achieve your goals. Like many approaches in climbing, these can be refined and learnt over the years, so get started now to improve your own journey. 

Tom’s Top 10 Strategies:

  1. Skin management
  2. Ladders, pad stacks and top ropes
  3. Learning weird positions and rests
  4. Who’s beta is best?
  5. Power spotting
  6. Replica work at home
  7. Warm ups and flexibility
  8. Visualisation on dynamic moves
  9. Multiple shoe options
  10. Not starting at the start… 

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