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Eating Disorders, Nutrition and Athletes with Renee McGregor

In today’s podcast, Tom Randall talks to Renee McGregor, a hugely experienced sports dietician whose career has spanned 20 years, including the London Olympics, Rio Paralympics and Commonwealth Games in Queensland. 

She’s also recently written a (5th) book ‘More Fuel You’ which covers the nutritional needs for sport participation, training, competitions etc.  This book looks at a number of the most popular diet options for athletes including low carb, vegan and intermittent fasting. 

One additional area that today’s podcast will focus on is the topic of dysfunctional relationships with food that some athletes may experience at some point in their life and how this impacts their performance, health and long-term careers. 

  • Where Renee’s journey in food and nutrition started
  • Classic misunderstandings athletes have in her industry
  • How do elite athletes differ from amateurs
  • How sports differ from each other
  • How the concept of fueling changes with age
  • Key differences in Orthorexia, Anorexia, Bulimia and Binge Eating Disorder
  • Pros and Cons of diet choices
  • Important fueling element of the different population type groups

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