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Is Flashing on a Replica Still a Flash? A Philosophical Discussion on Climbing Ethics

In this episode, host Tom Randall and his guest Lisa Bastian take a step away from the usual training discussions to delve into the world of philosophy and ethics.

Lisa is an assistant professor at VU Amsterdam who specializes in Ethics, Epistemology, and Political Philosophy. She initially contacted Tom regarding Will and Aidan’s public training efforts on the Burden of Dream replica, and her expertise in ethics led her to question the impact that training on replicas may have on climbing, particularly in regard to the possibility of a flash ascent. Lisa even wrote a whole article on this, which you can find here, or in the link below.

As Tom and Lisa discuss the relevance of philosophy and ethics in climbing, they touch on the importance of ethics as a fluid concept that changes over time. They also explore the breakdown of a logical framework that can be applied to all ethical questions.

One of the concepts Lisa breakdown is of a “flash” ascent and delves into the impact that replicas have on the athletic achievement and the ability to plan and execute a climb. She also discusses the importance of distinguishing between going against ethics and taking away value in climbing.

This episode offers a unique perspective on the intersection of philosophy, ethics, and climbing, and provides valuable insights into the impact of replicas on the climbing community. Tune in to hear Tom’s engaging discussion with Dr Lisa Bastian!

Article on Ethics of Replica training:

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