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Are You Training the Right Things?

In today’s post, we’re going to explore some common questions and concerns climbers have about training and explore how our coaches (and a Performance Training Plan) can help!

1. How do I know if I’m training right?

Many climbers struggle with training. How do you know if you’re tackling the correct strengths and weaknesses? In the correct sequence?!

Climbing is a complex sport, so naturally, it takes a fair degree of objectivity and oversight to get things right.

This is why our team of experienced coaches stay up-to-date and connected on every aspect of training for climbing, so that you can lean on our ‘hive mind’ of in-house expertise

2. How do I know what I need to train?

Do you know your weaknesses?

Using a combination of detailed assessments, training history and background information, as well as athlete monitoring, when you’re working with us, our coaches can efficiently target priority areas for improvement which are specific to you

Internal coach education is at the core of our team at Lattice. This means that all our coaches are well equipped to review and interpret your assessment results, to create an effective training plan which is tailored to you. As well as adjust and pivot their approach to your training based on how you respond as an individual. 

3. How do I organise my time and fit training into my busy schedule?

Whether it’s family commitments or hectic work schedules, our collective experiences mean that we fully understand how challenging it can be to even find the time to organise your training in a given week. 

Our Lattice Training app allows us to help you plan your schedule each week, which could range from lots of small sessions, to only 1-2 sessions per week which are much longer and require careful organising. 

4. Am I Doing Too Much?

We are big believers in quality over quantity and we don’t expect huge time commitments. We know, from experience, that it isn’t necessary or even appropriate for everyone to train every day of the week for multiple hours at a time. 

What is more important is consistency and targeting your real weaknesses across the mid- to longer-term. 

Our coaches will regularly seek feedback from you to get a clear picture of your energy and stress levels, your sleep quality and the quality of your nutrition so that they can understand how you are managing your training load and if needed, adjust your training in response. 

Tried and Tested

Take a look at what some of our clients say…

“Helped me break a year long plateau” ~ Liam

“Could not recommend anyone or any company over Aiden and Lattice” ~ Auby

“I can improve despite my busy schedule” ~Martin

“Super stoked on the process” ~Albert

“I could struggle my way up a 6b/+ and now I’m warming up on 6c” ~Ben

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