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Ecopointing Explained: A Blueprint for Sustainable Climbing

In this episode, Tom Randall has a relaxed and insightful chat with Lena Müller, the creator of the Ecopoint concept. Lena introduces us to her fresh take on climbing, which has been making waves on news pages and social media over the past year.

After completing the ‘Prinzip Hoffnung’ E9/8b+ trad route using only public transport in 2020, Lena coined the term Ecopoint to capture her sustainable climbing philosophy. Join Tom and Lena as they discuss the importance of this approach for a more sustainable climbing community and dive into the strategies she’s encountered while embracing this approach style.

Main topics discussed:

-Defining Ecopointing

-When did Ecopointing start

-The limitation and future of ecopointing

-How you can do your part

Curious to learn more? Check out Lena’s website for inspiration and information!

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