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The No.1 Way to Avoid Climbing Injuries (and Age Better) 

Is weightlifting important for climbing? We’ve heard all the arguments for why it might not be, for example, “climbing is a skill sport and technique is more important” or “lifting weights is not specific enough”. Here at Lattice Training, we are big advocates of weightlifting because it comes with a whole host of benefits, some of which you might regret avoiding further down the line!

So tune in for our top 5 reasons you should be including weightlifting into your routine, but we don’t stop there! We also give you a simple 6-point checklist that will not only help you start your journey of getting healthier but also stronger. 

We’re also aware many climbers already understand the benefits of weightlifting, for these climbers the main concern is hitting a plateau but don’t worry, we have you covered. We will also delve into the best tactics to avoid your strength training taking a dive. 

Benefits of weightlifting for climbing:

  1. Builds sport-specific strength.
  2. Improve longevity in climbing and reducing your injury risk: Strength training is seen to reduce the risk of injury. Increase the strength of the tissues used within climbing giving it a greater threshold against injuries. 
  3. Helps reduce age-related decline in muscle mass and muscle strength. 
  4. Boosts enjoyment and motivation.

Getting started with strength training:

  1. Make a list of exercises you’re interested in getting started on.
  2. Alternatively, it could be a list of exercises that target some of your weaknesses in climbing.
  3. Start at a level you can master quickly.
  4. Keep a training log.
  5. Set goals.
  6. Accessibility: Make sure you have equipment available to you easily to make it easier to be consistent. 
  7. Avoid Plateaus: Build up slowly and have a baseline period to condition your body for an increase in volume. 
  8. Plan progressive overload: Balance your training and recovery.
  9. Know when to adapt: Modify an exercise to allow you to progress within it. 
  10. Try Hard: you must have intent and effort!
  11. Take a break: sometimes a short break to get some extra recovery may help you make improvements!

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