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The Science of Flexibility with Tom Randall and Tim Pigott

In this webinar and slide presentation, Tom Randall and Tim Pigott discuss and explain the science and practical application of flexibility training. Tim has worked as a Band 7 – Highly Specialised Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist and also worked full time with elite sports in private practice and as a consultant to the English Institute of Sport (EIS). His MSc thesis concentrated on stretching and he’s since moved to lecturing in clinical biomechanics. The combination of Tim and Tom’s decades of experience and study in the field of elite sport bring about some very relevant and useful discussion and knowledge!

As this is a theory and practical-based webinar, there is a combination of slides, presentation and discussion (including audience Q&A). Each area will talk about “myth busting”, the needs of the athlete/sport and types of training that actually work.

Topic 1: What method is “best” for stretching

Topic 2: What do biomechanical limits mean?

Topic 3: Upper vs lower body stretching

Topic 4: The science behind pre-exercise stretching

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