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Female Climber Series: Periods and the Menstrual Cycle

Periods and the Menstrual Cycle by Maddy Cope

It may seem like an issue that only the female sex needs to know about, but this is FALSE! If this is something that can impact climbing and training then the conversation needs to flow both ways and, of course not all coaches are female.

We know that everyone’s level of comfort with this topic is different, however, it has been found that athletes reported “making their coach feel uncomfortable” was a main reason for not bringing it up.

So with this in mind how can we make conversations about the menstrual cycle comfortable? 

Well at Lattice we have both male and female coaches and, all members of the team are equally open to taking the menstrual cycle into account when supporting climbers with their training.

  1. Our coaches are here to listen and respond.
  2. We understand that the symptoms experienced are broad and individual.
  3. The menstrual cycle is a biological process and although not everyone has personal experience, this does not mean they don’t understand the process.
  4. We will use a form of communication that suits you.

If you haven’t spoken to your coach about your menstrual cycle with regards to your personal training cycle, but you want to… please reach out today! We are all happy to help and we will never feel uncomfortable talking about it, PERIOD.

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