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Interviewing a Climbing Power Partnership – Kyra Condie and Allison Vest

Climbing Power Partnerships –

Tom sat down with Team USA Olympian Kyra Condie and Team Canada 3x national champion Allison Vest recently to talk about their power partnership.

If you’re on Instagram or TikTok then it’s 99% like you’ll have them on your social media feed with their amazing coordination sequences of a gymnastic, dynamic style in their bouldering and training videos. They demonstrate week in, week out, displays of strength, power and coordination all whilst being super accessible to us fans! And yes, before ask, we are most definitely fans.

They’ve also had a big impact in changing the stereotype around female climbers and athletes in this sport. Very cool… Tom refers to Kyra and Allison as a “Partnership of Power” and gets stuck into finding out more about these two ladies and what they get from being a climbing duo. The topics cover early careers, training philosophy and work ethic, competitiveness, climbing disciplines, etc.

It’s a great listen/watch, so sit back, relax and enjoy this fantastic interview!

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