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Strength Training: World Pull Up Champion, Kejt Najman

On today’s show we have Kejt Najman, who sits in the ‘sweet spot’ of training knowledge as she’s both a coach and internationally acclaimed athlete. She was World Weighted Pull Up Champion in 2019 & 2022, Polish Champion four years running, has bouldered 7C and sport climbed 7c (before concentrating on her competitions in recent years) and also works as a strength and conditioning coach for climbers. 

At Lattice we greatly value those who have a blend of sports science and practical knowledge – it’s the area where ‘science’ meets ‘art’ and ‘subjectivity’ in training. In another knowledge packed episode Tom explores Kejt’s methods and experiences in upper body strength training, how she works on herself as an athlete and also her approach to her own clients. 

1. Kejt’s original journey as an athlete – couldn’t do a single pull up initially! 

2. How much she trained in the earlier years and what methods she used.

3. Her approach to ‘push’ vs ‘pull’ gym work.

4. Low specificity vs high specificity training. 

5. Kejt’s experiences as an elite plant-based athlete. 

6. Her next steps and thoughts on training as a 40 year old athlete. 

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