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How do I strengthen my wrists for climbing?

Do you hate slopers? Then you might have weak wrists!

If you feel like you wrists are holding you back, here’s some exercises you can do to help!

(Plus, scroll to the bottom to learn more about our best-selling wrist training device: The Heavy Roller!)

Coach Jonny’s Top 7 Exercises for Strong Wrists

Reps & Sets

For hypertrophy (build in muscle mass), aim for 2-3 sets of 8-12 reps with 1 min rest between sets.

For strength, aim for 3-4 sets of 3-6 reps and 2-3 mins rest between sets.

You can perform these exercises 2-3 times per week.

Exercise 1: Flexor curls

Exercise 2: Extensor Curls

Exercise 3: Internal & External Rotations

Exercise 4: Strengthens Ulnar Side of Wrist

Exercise 5: Strengthens Radial Side of Wrist

Exercise 6: Wrist Flexor Lifts

Exercise 7: Wrist Extensor Lifts

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The Heavy Roller – Wrist Training Device

We actually made a product specifically designed for wrist strengthening and improving wrist stability off-the-wall: The Heavy Roller!

Heavy Roller Wrist Training Device

How does it work?

The Heavy Roller uses an offset loading mechanism that generates spin as you hold or lift it. By engaging the muscles in your wrists, you can resist this rotation and, over time, this improves the strength in the wrists.

You can target both your flexors and extensors simply by rotating the device!

Why do we think the Heavy Roller is great?

The Heavy Roller targets the wrists!

Unlike a hangboard, the Heavy Roller distributes the force over your hand, placing less strain on the fingers, arms and shoulders.

Even though you’re targeting the wrists and improving your wrist stability and strength, you’re also improving your finger strength as well as as the forearm flexor is where grip strength is created!

Plus, the Heavy Roller is designed to be even more erganomic than its competitors: through testing, we found its 60mm grip diameter to be the most ergonomic size, its extra wide for larger hands and the finish is coated to be extra grippy!

Why train your wrist strength?

Increased wrist strength improves stability whilst climbing and typically decreases the amount of friction required to maintain contact with less positive holds and surfaces.

Wrist training is a great method for improving sloper specific strength used for climbing on large indoor holds and rock types, like sandstone.

You can also use the Heavy Roller for the rehabilitation of wrist injuries by targeting the affected area with a progressive load. (Definitely more convenient than a rack of dumbells!)

It may also be helpful in the rehabilitation of golfers/tennis elbow (tendonitis in the elbow) which is a common issue for climbers.

Learn more about the Heavy Roller and strengthening your wrists:

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