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You’ve Been Told WRONG – The Truth About Stretching

There’s a strong debate about the use of static stretching for performance, not just in the climbing community but in the fitness community in general. So whenever we talk about static stretching in a warm-up we often get some questions and even backlash, which is totally understandable because a large body of anecdotal and scientific evidence, questions its appropriateness.

So we asked ourselves: can it actually improve performance or even worse, does it harm performance? – this second question is what we set out to answer in this video! Research all the way back to the turn of the century has shown how static stretching can temporarily reduce our ability to generate force, raising this question.

But in this video, we will cover it all
1. We stress the point that flexibility is a key attribute to movement efficiency and climbing performance. 
2. We will explore how dynamic stretching only goes part way to solve this dilemma.
3. How modern research with much more appropriate (and context-specific) methods dispel a training myth that may have been holding back your performance for years!

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