Campus Rungs Duo


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If you’re building a home campus board, or looking for a minimalistic hangboard, the Lattice Campus Rungs are for you!

Campus boards are great for improving your strength and power, as well as your dynamic movement skills, such as precision and control.

The Campus Rungs Duo includes both depths of rung: 25mm and 15mm.

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Why Train with Campus Rungs?

  • Develop upper body strength and explosive power
  • Improve contact strength in your fingers
  • Practice dynamic movement skills
  • Sharpens your hand precision and grip control
  • Doubles up as an edge for hangboard protocols

All the edges we produce here at Lattice Training have undergone a rigorous development process to make them some of the most ergonomic edges on the market. Our Campus Rungs are no different.

Each rung is engineered with our familiar rounded edge for a more comfortable grip. They’re also 50cm wide, which is wider than the typical campus rung, making them suitable for a range of shoulders.

Our Campus Rungs are pre-drilled.

The Campus Rungs Duo includes both depths of rung: 25mm and 15mm. If you want to purchase one depth of rung, have a look at our Campus Rungs.

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Campus Rungs


Small (15mm)

Campus Rungs


Medium (25mm)


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